Greg Pritchard

Greg Pritchard has been described as an enigma, and an unstoppable iconoclast, and a lot that’s not fit to print.

He calls himself a mongrel artist because of the eclectic nature of his work, cross-breeding written work, performance, with visual, digital and conceptual practice.

He has a PhD in literature, a Masters in Visual Art, majoring in Shadows and Performance, and part of a Science Degree. For the last seven years he has been working in Regional Arts administration in Western Victoria and Western NSW. Over the last few years he has conducted arts residencies in Singapore, Indonesia and most recently St Louis, Senegal. He is writing this Bio in Tanger, Morocco.


Greg Pritchard


Feed: Development from dave jones on Vimeo.


Fable from hero fukutu on Vimeo.


You can see more about Greg’s work at his blog - or at

You can also see Greg’s pinterest collection of Morrocan Cats here -

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