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Greg Pritchard has been described as an enigma, and an unstoppable iconoclast, and a lot that’s not fit to print.

He calls himself a mongrel artist because of the eclectic nature of his work, cross-breeding written work, performance, with visual, digital and conceptual practice.

He has a PhD in literature, a Masters in Visual Art, majoring in Shadows and Performance, and part of a Science Degree. For the last seven years he has been working in Regional Arts administration in Western Victoria and Western NSW. Over the last few years he has conducted arts residencies in Singapore, Indonesia and most recently St Louis, Senegal. He is writing this Bio in Tanger, Morocco.


Greg Pritchard

Patrick Ronald was born 13th November, 1980, in Sydney, NSW, Australia. He studied photography at Charles Sturt University, Albury NSW, from 1999 to 2003. Shannon Ronald (nee McDonell) was born 7th October, 1981, in West Wyalong, NSW, Australia. She studied photography at Charles Sturt University, Albury from 2001 to 2004 where she met Patrick Ronald. The two artists first collaborated in 2005, and have worked together since then.

From their first series of photographs MICROCOSM- Launceston Heritage Study, 2005, the artists have not veered from making photographic works that employ intricate digital manipulation to create highly detailed images. Their first major documentary undertaking was Disappearing Tasmania: An Image of the West in 2006 where they were given their first grant to live on the West Coast of Tasmania and conduct an intensive survey project to try and illustrate what it is that creates and sustains a community and what visible evidence there is of a towns decline.

Since then they have moved towards more engineered works such as the m2 series which was designed to investigate visual perception. This work was a clinical representation of 50 spaces, both interior and exterior, within the artists’ personal habitats that they had occupied throughout their lives.

Learning from the m2 project, the couple created the ambitious ‘Habits and Habitat’ in 2010, a project two years in the making for Performance Space, where they reconstructed sections of a rural farm house in 1:1 scale and
immersed viewers within the image.

Ten Days on the Island commissioned the pair to create ‘A Fitted Kitchen is a Joy to Behold’ in 2011. The artists placed a 1:1 photographic reproduction of a newly built modern fitted kitchen into the historically restored kitchen of Entally Estate, Hadspen.

More recently The Ronalds have been creating life-sized Photo-Sculptures and interactive work as seen in ‘The Roxy Show’, Leeton and ‘Country of Origin’ featured in the Albury Art Prize in 2012.

In 2013 The Ronalds received an Arts NSW grant to begin prototyping their Photo-Sculptures for their latest commission ‘IN COMMON- Public Places of the Murrumbidgee/ Riverina’ by the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery.

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