Underbelly Arts 2013


Underbelly Arts exists to uncover Australia’s next great artists, presenting new ideas and new works on Cockatoo Island at the Underbelly Arts Lab and Festival in July 2013.

Since its inception, Underbelly Arts has placed as much focus on process as it has on outcome. These two crucial phases of a project come to life at the Lab and the Festival respectively, where artists invite the public to witness their work across the many stages of development.

Unlike many events on the arts calendar, the Underbelly Arts Lab welcomes you behind the scenes to witness the creation of projects to be presented at the Festival only weeks or even days later. During this residency period audiences get a rare insight into the world of an artist as the watch them work, ask questions, and even join in some of the interactive sessions, workshops or daily tours. On the other side of the coin, artists are able to work with audiences before their final presentation, and have used the Lab to great effect in helping to develop their work.

The Lab will be returning, alongside the Festival, to Cockatoo Island in 2013.

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